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  • I’m not sure I have a “Luxury” home?

    Traditionally, many Realtors define a Luxury home as any home priced above $500,000. Kelly and Tom feel that the home is not about the price or size, but rather it’s Lifestyle. Quality, Privacy and Amenities (both the homes and the communities) truly define Luxury. It is a Lifestyle and always in the Eye of the Beholder. Give us a call or drop us a note, chances are you have a Luxury Home.

  • What are your “Professional” fees?

    When clients first review all the tools we use to Market and Sell their homes, they vision our fees will be much higher than a traditional realtor. Kelly and Tom guarantee a one-of-a-kind marketing program, with the lowest professional fees for the services provided, as compared to our respective competition.

  • What is a “Trusted Real Estate Lifestyle Advisor”?

    Kelly and Tom, advise and consult, they educate and guide their clients. They are involved in the decision process, using professional judgment and experience. This sums up irreplaceability compared to the functionary agent who delivers information, tells and sells and stays out of the process.

  • How do you price a home?

    A very detailed “Market Study” is completed. The study includes what the current housing trends are, a snapshot about the property and how it fits in the market compared to resent sales and a review of relevant properties currently on the market. We then recommend a pricing strategy using the “Slightly Less, Slightly More” approach.

  • You Do Earn A Monthly Paycheck, Don’t You?

    A client asked us this question recently. Surprisingly, we took the question to other people and in many cases others assumed the same thing…that we, in fact, do receive a salaried paycheck. No, we are Independent Contractors and only get paid when we sell a property. At closing we receive a check for our professional fees. The check is made out to our broker. Our broker, then sends us our portion after deducting fees to cover a portion of their business expenses, franchise fees and marketing expenses. We then run our household on the remainder. And yes, we pay our own health insurance, auto expenses, mortgage, etc. and all fees related to the marketing of a home….even if it does not sell!